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Whether you're fresh off the couch, an veteran racer, or even (gasp) a male, you'll find yourself feeling very at home with the wonderful Dirty Girls community. Our classes and training groups are informative, friendly, and loads of fun. You get to go your own pace, and we respect each other's strengths and limitations and that we are all working equally hard no matter where we finish in the pack. You'll learn a ton about how to train smart, but you'll learn even more about yourself. As much as we work on training the body, we work even harder on training the mind and spirit. Over and over we discover that it's our negative thought patterns and not our bodies that keep us from reaching our goals. It's not a coincidence that our running breakthroughs lead to life breakthroughs as well.

In addition to our classes and training groups we offer free group trails runs every Friday morning at 8 am at McCormick Forest in Gig Harbor. We will also have a branch in Everett! Don't be shy. Your new friends at Dirty Girls can't wait to meet you!



What Can Dirty Girls Do For You?

» Provide you with regular running workouts in a group setting or through individual coaching plans- Help you run your first trail/road race or achieve a PR

» Teach you the good running habits that will help you to run safely and injury free

» Rekindle the "fire" you once had for running, or teach you to love running if you've always hated it

» Provide you with a supportive, friendly, and most of all FUN community of runners of all ability levels

» Introduce you to other women who loving running trails through our FREE Friday morning trail runs at McCormick Forest 

We are located in Gig Harbor, Washington, and based out of Route 16 Running & Walking

Are you ready to take your running to the next level? 

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